Diadermine – since 1904 all we care about is face care.


The roots of the brand Diadermine lie in France at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1904 two brothers named Giambattista and Cornelio Bonetti bought the patent for Diadermine, a water-in-oil emulsion of very light consistency used by pharmacists to produce their homemade ointments (“pomades”) and by doctors for hand cleansing and skin care.


Using this formula as a base, the brothers created a dermatological beauty treatment. At first it was sold only in pharmacies, but soon the famous little jar with the aluminium cap was distributed also in perfumeries and commercial drugstores. Diadermine very quickly became the “crème médicale” (medical cream).

Diadermine Becomes the First Cosmetic Skin Care Brand to Receive the ECARF Seal of Quality.


ECARF certified face care products. Our dermatological research develops expert face care solutions under strict formulations guidelines. Diadermine Skin Care products are certified as especially allergy friendly by the independent European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF).


In keeping with its motto, "For a better life with allergies", the ECARF Seal serves as a guide for people with allergies to find suitable products and services.


The ECARF Seal of Quality is an independent certification awarded to products and services that demonstrably improve the life of allergy sufferers. Since its establishment in 2006, it has been awarded to allergy-friendly products and services.


In ECARF-certified products, ingredients that may cause allergies are specifically substituted with less allergenic substances. In addition, the concentrations of slightly allergenic ingredients are regulated to maintain levels low enough that the immune system usually no longer reacts to them. The manufacturer is obliged to make a detailed safety examination regarding all possible allergens in the product composition, and to document these with skin tests. Manufacturers whose products carry the ECARF seal further commit to providing detailed information and individual expert advice to consumers upon request.


The ECARF Seal of Quality serves as an excellent guide for people who have extremely sensitive skin or contact allergies. By the certification of Diadermine’s skin care products ECARF approves them as allergy friendly and certifies their suitability for those with extremely sensitive skin or allergies.