Lifting revolution from Diadermine

The natural firmness and smoothness of young skin is based on the density of the collagen net in the skin. With age, skin’s collagen production slows down – wrinkles and flabbiness appear.

Discover Lift+ and its breakthrough anti-ageing technologies for an effective anti-wrinkle action.

Two breakthrough technologies for an ultimate lifting performance.



The new SKINPLEX Collagen Optimizer technology works in 2 steps: 1. It increases the skin´s own collagen production. 2. It reorganizes the newly produced collagen in an optimal way to rebuild a strong collagen net for a firmer, more elastic, smoother and up to 6 years younger looking skin.

LIFT+ Superfiller


Infused with Micro-Injected Hyaluron and 5% Hyaluron actives LIFT+ Superfiller is a proven advanced anti-age alternative to professional Hyaluronic Injections. The Micro-injected HA penetrates in small spheres into the skin and swell, replumping wrinkles from the inside, like hyaluronic injections do. The 5% Hyaluron Actives deliver hyaluronic acid to the skin surface for up to 24 h to visibly smoothen it.